Review Link, Securing SQL Server

Sean and Jen McCown talk about “Securing SQL Server” on their show.

A couple of weeks ago Sean and Jen McCown (twitter | Sean’s Blog | Jen’s Blog) talked about “Securing SQL Server” on their DBAs@Midnight web show.  While this isn’t a full review, they got the book about six hours before the recorded the show, it does give you a little insight into the book.  Sean was able to read a couple of the sections before he recorded the show, and his response to the book was pretty positive.

Apparently there are a couple of spelling errors that he’s found so far (I already know about the one in the dedication which he didn’t mention), but if those are the biggest problem that he finds with the book I’m doing pretty good.

You can download the video from the DBAs@Midnight – Get Away From Me web page on their site.  They start talking about the book at 34 minutes into the video, and they are done at about the 42 minute mark.  Sean said that he’ll be doing a full review of the book on their IT Bookworm book review site.  If his full review is as positive as this video was, I’ll be a very happy book writer.