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Health Data Breaches – Insider Data Trading?

This was reposted from http://blog.infoadvisors.com/index.php/2013/01/09/health-data-breaches-insider-data-trading/ written by Karen Lopez. They get all the credit for this, not me.


It seems like the majority of health data breaches I read about are via insiders with access to patient information systems stealing and selling their data.

Federal authorities say Sergei Kusyakov, who was involved with Metro Chiropractic and Wellness Center and City Lights Medical Center, illegally obtained private information about patients through Dale Munroe II and his wife, Katrina Munroe, who worked at Florida Hospital’s Celebration campus.

Authorities said Dale Munroe accessed more than 763,000 records for patients treated at various Florida

Additional reading can be found at the original author’s post.

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