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Sending out some free copies

Just before the MVP summit I received a nice box from my publisher, Syngress,  which was full of books for me to send out.  So I racked my brains to pick the friends which I would be able to send a copy to.  I have a lot more friends than I have books, meaning that this was a very tough list to put together.  I finally got the list put together, and signed the books and packaged them up.  Later today (Monday) will be a trip to the post office to mail them all out.

It does make a pretty impressive stack in the envelopes, doesn’t it?  If you don’t get a copy (if you didn’t get an email from me asking for your address, sorry but that means that you were probably number 21 on my list when I only had 20 copies to give out), please don’t take it personally I only had a limited number of copies to give out.  For those that are getting copies hopefully they will be there in a few days.


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